Hi, I'm Casey.

Casey Jacobson

I am a multifaceted designer and developer with a passion for improving my craft. My never-ending desire to continue learning is what drives me.

In May 2015, I completed two Graphic Design degrees at MCTC specializing in Print Media as well as Web & Interactive Media. In my time there I gained a solid foundation in graphic design principles by studying the work of greats such as Massimo Vignelli, Herbert Bayer and Josef Muller-Brockmann, among others.

My real passion comes from creating things for the web. My philosophy, just like that of great designers, is to plan before I create. I feel as though the thought process that goes into development is just as important as the final product. I strive to make my code as efficient, logical and reusable as possible.

I am currently working as a developer at Ackmann & Dickenson in Minneapolis. While working there I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people on many inspiring projects.

Please feel free to contact me or view my resume.