MCTC Alchemy

I was given the honor of working with friend and classmate Jaisa Blegen on the branding for the MCTC Apparel Technologies 2015 Portfolio Show. My role was to design and develop the website promoting the show. Creating a design that matched the craftsmanship and creativity of the fashion designers was quite the challenge.

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MCTC Alchemy Site

This project started with meeting the apparel students and getting to know their process and creations. After seeing their visions for their apparel items it was time to start on the branding for their show. After many iterations on potential logo designs we settled on a simple wordmark.

From this point Jaisa took control of the branding and created a poster, postcard, and other items for the show. I used her creative vision as inspiration when I started on mockups for the website.

Alchemy Mockup

I used the Foundation framework as a starting point for the CSS, while Grunt was the tool of choice for compiling the SASS files.

While a CMS was not a necessity for this site, I only had a limited amount of time to complete the web site, and my familiarity with WordPress made it an easy choice. I created a custom post type for each designer page, and page templates for the other pages.

The biggest challenge with this site was the use of multiple diagonal lines throughout the design. I utilized pseduo elements and CSS transforms to create these diagonal lines before and after different sections of the site.

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