Basilica Block Party

The Basilica Block Party attracts more than 25,000 music-lovers to Minneapolis annually. I had the privilege to develop the site in preparation for the 2015 event. The site was built with Wordpress to allow information to be updated quickly to coincide with other marketing efforts.

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Basilica Block Party Site

My role on this project was to translate the vision and design created by my amazingly talented coworkers at Martin Williams into reality on the web. I was tasked with also bringing the site into a CMS, so that every time a new module was activated or a new band was added to the lineup the development team didn't need to be involved.

I began with a mobile-first approach to the development, using only a customized grid portion of Bootstrap. The remainder of the site was hand-coded in HTML, CSS, and jQuery and later brought into a completely custom WordPress theme.

Basilica Code

Because of the high volume of users, many of which access the site on mobile connections, file size was very important. The entire site is on one page, and the design incorporates many images, so some sort of responsive image solution was needed.

My initial implementation involved taking advantage of the image resizing that WordPress uses, along with a compression plugin and the srcset attribute. Custom sizes were made for each image, and then they were automatically compressed via TinyPNG. Because resolution changes were all that I needed, I chose to use the srcset attribute with the picturefill polyfill by the Responsive Images Community Group. This cut page load times in half.

I also used svg images wherever possible, and reused common background patterns in many places.

Basilica Network Speed

The final part of the process was to bring the site into WordPress. All of the content was created as custom fields via Advanced Custom Fields.

I built the entire site initially, but not every section was going to be visible right away. Things like the lineup, tickets and sponsors would be made public at a later date. So to make publishing that content as simple as possible I created a checkbox for each section that would toggle the visibility. That way the content could be present in the admin section without being anywhere on the live site.

Basilica WordPress

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