Bryant Graphics

Bryant Graphics is not your average printer. While most printing companies are stuck in the past, Bryant Graphics stays on the cutting edge. However, their previous site looked identical to many other printers, so they needed a modern redesign to set them apart. A flat design with large product images and ample whitespace was in order.

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Bryant Graphics Site

The design process began with simple wireframes to organize the content. Their previous site was lacking both in terms of aesthetics and actual content. So organizing the content first was necessary a necessary first step before I got too far into the design of it.

Bryant Wireframes

Once the content was decided upon I began high-fidelity mockups. I used Illustrator to create designs for multiple pages. Once these designs were approved I moved into the development stage.

Bryant Website

I didn't use any CSS framework for the site, but instead created my own using SASS. The ability to use variables and mixins in my styling gave me more control over how the site was coded.

I also created a custom WordPress theme from scratch. Custom post types were created for products and industries, and custom fields were used for each page to give clarity to the client to make changes to their content.

Bryant Website

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