Paper Event

Paper Event specializes in designing and printing wedding invitations, event announcements, and anything else involving paper. I was tasked with giving them a modern responsive redesign that matched the class and elegance that they is expected in their industry.

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Paper Event Site

I felt as though a very minimal design, using a lot of whitespace, would be the most effective approach. I wanted images of their design and printing to be the focus, and for the design of the website to allow that to show.

Paper Event Website

As I was doing mockups for the site, I began to notice the repitition of certain elements on multiple pages. Different pieces of typography tended to stick with each other. Image layouts with captions or headlines were consistant, even on completely separate pages. So I sought out some sort of templating system that would simplify the develpment process and unify the design.

I came across a WordPress plugin called Timber, which was a perfect fit as the client wanted a CMS as well. This plugin essentially takes control of the way WordPress operates by using twig template files and a special function to pass data to each view. Using Advanced Custom Fields to control the formatting of data I was able to create new page layouts with just a few lines of code.

Paper Event Code

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